Ben Foxman
Graduate Student
Yale University


I am first-year computer science Ph.D. student at Yale University, advised by Professor Yongshan Ding. My interests generally lie in quantum computing and computational complexity. Overall, my goal is to understand how quantum algorithms can be leveraged to solve challenging computational problems, for both theoretical and near-term applications. 

Prior to graduate school, I received a Bachelor of Science from Yale, where I double majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. 


Some general questions which interest me at the moment:

Hamiltonian Complexity: What kinds of quantum systems can be efficiently simulated, with either classical or (near-term) quantum algorithms? What types of computational hardness are captured by different variants of the Hamiltonian simulation problem? 

Quantum Cryptography: What are the minimal assumptions needed to build secure quantum cryptosystems? What are the correct notions when generalizing cryptographic primitives (pseudorandom constructions, commitments, zero knowledge proof systems, etc.) to the quantum setting? 



Spring 2022 (Yale University)

Teaching Assistant, CPSC 447/547: Introduction to Quantum Computing